Snap Shots Along the Way

Cremation Procession

Pulling out a camera to capture moments isn’t always convenient when you’re trying to remain in the moment. Plus it rains often and the camera is heavy, so perhaps laziness is the more appropriate excuse. Still, every now and then I don’t feel like a tourist. The other day Erika went into a shop to purchase a much needed t-shirt. The one’s she had brought on the trip were all dark, and a lighter colored one was required. I sat on the sidewalk and people watched.

Three men in traditional Balinese sarong and cap were sitting on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Two were watching the guy in the middle play a game on his mobile phone. They cheered when he won. A motorbike pulled up and they immediately started teasing the guy getting off the moto. He was that friend you always poke fun at. It made me miss my friends. He showed them the money he just made and they took it and started

playing keep away. Right then a local woman walked out of a shop and they all quieted down, said casual hello’s, and when she was far enough away, teased their friend again with mannerisms that said, “hey man, why don’t you talk to her!” I don’t speak the language, but I’m a guy, and I’ve been there, so I cracked up laughing. As my head turned a group of 3 school boys and a grown up pulled up in front of me on a motorbike and one of the boys got off. The adult waved, and the boy making his way towards me turned around, did some karate moves and flashed them the drawing of a superhero he had been working on. They all waved back, laughed, and drove off. I asked to see it, and it was a dragon looking man in a dangerous pose. Pretty good for a 7 year old. Two seconds later Erika walks out with a new shirt and I flash to 10 seconds prior and think for the millionth time in my life, we’re totally all the same.

Some photos for you…

Card Games and Bintang in Gili T

Night falls on the Island

Storm on the Horizon, Lombok in the distance

Day one Gili T, our new friends Joey and Julia

Singaporean Whirlpool

Long Lost Brother

Hindu Temple in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands


2 thoughts on “Snap Shots Along the Way

  1. we are all the same. michael and i sat in the little village square in barga, italy on a sunday, watching a mom, daughter and dad (he was playing the according). the little girl, who was about 5 or 6 was being chased by the mom and they were both giggling. universal simplicity and it could have been a scene anywhere.

    miss you both.
    love, n and m

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