Foodie Friday

Enjoying our 75 cent lunch in Jogyakarta

We LOVE to eat.  We love food. We love talking about food, eating great food, cooking nice meals, and telling stories of meals we’ve eaten with others.  As such, we introduce you to Foodie Friday, where we bring you gastronomic delights from half way around the globe.

Just because we are on a tight budget doesn’t mean we aren’t eating well.  In fact, cheap, good food is one of the reasons we came over to this part of the world.  Indonesia has been filled so far with lots of fruit, rice, noodles, curries, chicken, pork and fish.

Breakfast at our hotel in Jogyakarta

Breakfast, usually included in the cost of the “hotel,” consists of any of the following: fresh fruit (usually papaya, watermelon, and pineapple),coffee/tea, eggs, crepe-like pancakes with banana and/or coconut, toast (with butter and jam).  Indonesian breakfast would usually be fried rice/noodle with an egg and possibly a vegetable or two.  If we have to go out for breakfast, it usually costs $4-$5, for both of us.

Lunch is our biggest meal and it’s usually local food.  However, when a fresh salad with vegetables is available, we have a hard time saying no. Lunch is usually around $3-$5/person including drinks, although we had an amazing lunch the other day for 75 cents.

Dim Sum in Singapore. Mr. Lim ordered an entire duck for the four of us. They serve the duck meat and skin seperately. The latter is served in a thin pancake (upper right hand corner), which you dip in plum sauce and eat with scallions, and the meat is eaten on its own with a sweet, clear sauce. The pork buns (we had baked and steamed) were the best weve ever had.

Dinner is much lighter for three reasons: 1. Portion sizes are smaller here and our stomachs have shrank a bit.  2. Our money needs to last almost 6 months. 3. We want to look good for our wedding and don’t want to be the only people who gain weight backpacking ;). We can sometimes share a dinner, which is plenty of food especially if there is rice involved, for around $7-$10 USD (this includes drinks and a starter and could be much cheaper if it’s local food).

Butterfish sashimi - eaten at Ryoshis in Seminyak and Ubud. The butterfish here is the best weve ever had. On Gili T, Erika had some grilled for dinner that was almost better than the sashimi. All of it is so fresh, and as you hold it on your tongue to savor the taste, it dissolves, appropriately, like butter.

We’ve both been amazed at how much Western food is available on menus.  We occasionaly eat it as a comfort, but we mostly try to stick to local food…plus its cheaper and “double-double animal styles” have not made their way to this part of the world yet.

Fruit. Oh the fruit, so much variety and so good. Amando’s favorite is passionfruit and Erika’s is asian pear first, next passionfruit (Kiasu remember).  Mangosteen, snakeskin fruit, sour passionfruit, green oranges, lychee, and another lychee lookalike are absolutely delicious.


Then, there is Durian.  A wikitravel article describes it as the following: “Both smell and taste defy description, but eating garlic ice cream next to an open sewer comes to mind. ” I (Amando) insisted on trying some. It has the consistency of stringy roasted garlic and chicken fat, kind of looks like a pile of chicken fat, and tastes like rotting chicken fat. All I could think of was,”why?” No matter what else they served it with, it still tasted like the description above.

Babi Goleng at Ibu Okah in Ubud, Bali. Roasted pig in Ubud. They serve this with a little bit of the spices that are inside of the pig, and rice if you wish. The meat is cooked perfectly! Best time of day to eat this is lunch time, because the pigs are still fresh. This picture was taken right after she had cut the stomach open.

Overall we have been incredibly impressed with the food.  From the whole grilled snapper in Jinbaroon, Bali – to the Babi Goleng (roasted pig) in Ubud, Bali, it’s been flavor overload. We have dedicated ourselves to finding some way to have the Balinese spice sauce served with the roast pig at our wedding.

Singapore Sling, at the Raffles Hotel

Mr. Lim took us out to dinner in Chinatown, Singapore. He took us to the place that Singapores CEOs and newspaper readers voted the best hawker stand. We had salted chicken, sweet and sour pork, and chinese broccoli.

Another view of the roasted pig

Our 75 cent noodle lunch. A healthy portion of greens, thin sliced carrots, bean sprouts, scallions, lemon grass, basil, topped with soy and red chili marinated rice noodles, all drenched in a thin peanut sauce and accompanied with a perfectly fried veggie springroll.

The food market

Bats - Apparently you eat them for Asthma. We didnt try any....nor were we tempted.

Chocolate banana pancakes served with watermelon and coffee at our hotel in Jogyakarta, Ministry of Coffee. And yes there were as fluffy and delicious as they look!


6 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. OK – I’m in! Foodie tour is over the top! Bring on the pigs, the spices, the fish, the presentations…Ooh la la!

  2. I am so happy to see you living your “dreams.” Yes, what stories you will have to tell.
    I’d like to say I am jealous, but I will not for my dreams will come true too!
    Love to you both.

    • Daniella I will always remember our first lunch where you asked me what my dreams were….thank you for always being a wonderful friend – it was PLEASURE to see your name on our blog this evening!! BIG hugs to you and your family.

  3. Looks you both will be just fine! You both look great. Mr. Lin looks like a good and wise man. You should eat a bat for sure. It has to cure something. And…Amando is working on a serious ….doo. Having seen Amando Sr. I expect he can experiment, cut that all off and know there is more in the future. Not so for all of us.

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