Tying it all Together, Why We Travel

Last night the news on every channel was that bombs had been found around Jakarta because of the upcoming Easter weekend.  Americans have been advised to be careful, stay away from all demonstrations, and keep their wits about them. So we’re being careful, but the story need not always be one sided. Jakarta is crowded, smoggy, and massive, but everyone we’ve met, Muslim and Christian have welcomed us as friends.

Why We Travel (An Argument for Travel During Turbulent Times) by Paul Theroux

Reading the The Great Railway Bazaar a couple years back partly inspired a rougher getaway through Asia, and reading this article now makes me glad we took this trip. “The map of the possible world being redrawn right now — parts of it in tragic and unsettling ways — might soon mean new opportunities for the traveler who dares to try it. Travel, especially of the old laborious kind, has never seemed to me of greater importance, more essential, more enlightening.”

Obama’s Young Mother Abroad

A story about the President’s mother in some of the places we’ve described in our blog. Turns out some descriptions regarding Indonesian people, culture, and places haven’t really changed.

Obama's mother at Borobudur

Hindus Find a Ganges in Queens, to Park Rangers’ Dismay by Sam Dolnick

Re-shaping our attitudes regarding dirty water. The staggering amount of offerings ending up in the ocean and waters in and around West Java and Bali have kept us out of some waters. Although, noticeably bags of Lays chips are not probably offerings, it does seem as though one thing leads to another. In Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak (Bali) so much rubbish ends up on the beach we wonder if its pushing away tourist’s return trips. Nonetheless, here’s a different perspective found in the NYT Magazine.


One thought on “Tying it all Together, Why We Travel

  1. I love this entry. Reminding us all that the world is getting smaller. And you both are discovering such a large part of the globe that is unfamiliar to most Americans.


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