To Save Money, We Stayed at the Ritz

Decisions Decisions

We’ve been spending about $15 – $32 a day on our “hotel” rooms in Indonesia. These have varied from small, yet clean with a decent bed (maybe even a TV), to dark, dingy, and smelly with piece of foam on plywood for a bed. There have been rooms that smelled like septic tanks, and places we thought were well situated until the three Mosques on the same block had their 4:15 AM call to prayer. They all had  their fair share of mosquitoes, never before seen bugs, and lots of little lizards.

After travel (flights, trains, and buses) those “hotel” rooms have  been the most expensive part of our journey. Traveling for almost six months, we’re on a budget, and not so much by choice.

  1.  We don’t have jobs.
  2.  We have a wedding coming up.
  3.  It’s very easy to spend.

So every now and then we need to find easy ways to cut down on our expenses.  Upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur, we had to pick, The Ritz Carlton or the JW Marriott?  Ritz or JW?  Well we couldn’t decide, so we used our well earned points to stay at both (thank you CCS).  Those were really swell days. Now, in Melaka (a world heritage city), we’re in a clean, little hostel (about the size of a jail cell) dreaming of our king beds, bathtubs, extra down pillows, and 24th floor views of the city. Sigh.

Sayang Sayang Guest House, Melaka, Malaysia


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