Koh Phangan’s Full Moon

Erika Jumping Through Flaming Hoop

Erika jumping through flaming hoop

Because of the previous night, the ferry to bus to ferry ride, the journey from Phi Phi to Koh Phangan was a bleary eyed and exhausting voyage. The island is big and we were staying on the exact opposite side of Haad Rin, the Full Moon party’s location. We lounged, swam, napped, and ate – resting for the night to come.

Just before hopping into the back of the pickup truck taxi, as usual ten people in the payload, we were handed a lanyard with the name of our hotel and a phone number. Comforting, because I was just thinking to myself, “Oh man, what’s this part of the island called again – and I should probably know the name of this hotel too.” Everybody laughed, because for good reason, we were being treated like ten year old children at a waterpark. Everyone has their travel buddy and taxi meeting place.

We walk towards the beach, the music getting louder as we get closer, the lights dimming, more and more buckets, and less and less clothing, and bodies more and more covered in paint. This was going to be fun. The beach had a Burning Man feel, except with water. People jumping fire rope (fun and scary but worth it), hundreds of booze bucket stands, and thousands and thousands of people dancing. It was fun, and Erika and I eventually made it back to our hotel (at different times).

The party was amazing and all sorts of crazy fun, but the island is also beautiful and easy to explore of motorbike. So one day of partying mixed into one week of chilling on beaches is really all we have to say. Vicki’s friends, Paul and John, and another friend Steph, are funny and good people to have around. Otherwise, kayaking, snorkeling, and biking around a stunning island seems to be working nicely so far.

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