2 months already?!

View of the mainland on our way to Koh Samui

With a couple days to kill before heading up to Bangkok, we followed our English friends and traveled over to Koh Samui to celebrate Vicki’s birthday!  We decided to stay on Chaweng Beach because it is the most populated part of the island.  The beach itself is beautiful.  Long, wide, perfectly soft white sand with water you could stay in forever because it is neither too cold nor too warm.  Thai massages, a big seafood and steak dinner, setting off fireworks on the beach, and singing songs lying on the sand made for a wonderful birthday night for Vicki, and our last night with our English friends.

Happy Birthday Vicki!

After a long 18 hour journey, we are here in Bangkok.  The night train was lovely and all (2nd class w/aircon), but I’m thankful to have a king bed to sleep in tonight.   Tomorrow we have another visitor from home arriving – the lovely Jude.  And she will be our last.  After we return south and continue to dive around more Thai islands together, it will be just Amando and I for the rest of our time in Asia.  Although, the past two months have hardly felt like the two of us!  It seems that we have to TRY to find time alone because we keep meeting incredible, fun-loving people and either traveling with them for a while, sharing a meal or a drink, or all of the above!  And some of these people have so wonderfully graced our travels that we’ve added a new page to the blog – check out the Cast of Characters to see who we’ve been laughing, drinking, and swimming in the sea with.

Its hard to believe that we’ve been gone for over 2 months.  It feels like 6 already to me.  We’ve…

  • been to 18 cities and 4 countries
  • traveled 12,386 miles (19,933 km), or half the circumference of the Earth
  • stayed in 21 hotels/bungalows/hostels/guesthouses
  • taken 4 planes, 14 buses, 4 trains, 6 ferries, 3 tuk tuks and countless taxi rides

And we’ve learned along the way that…

  • a smile always goes a long way
  • when you’re on a budget, you can never talk about money too much
  • being kind and patient when cranky, tired, sweaty, hot, hungry, and thirsty can sometimes be difficult
  • marriott rewards points are heaven sent….thank you for free hotel nights!
  • you should try everything twice
  • buckets are for drinking out of, not just making sandcastles or carrying things
  • the nicest looking minibus seats usually are the most uncomfortable
  • despite my best intentions, I always overpack

We are grateful to be here experiencing life out of a backpack on the other side of the world and thankful wifi coverage is extensive so we can take all of you with us on our journey.

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