Foodie Friday-Tandoori and Fish

Foodie Friday: The name works. The concept seems sound. The theme pretty basic. The effort minimal. And, while on extended holiday in foreign countries, documenting the changes seems rather straightforward – point, shoot, write, publish.

Except, the last thing either of us want to do on Friday night (morning in America), is a post on food either before or after we go out. But, “write them on Thursday,” people who don’t know me may say. Right. “Doesn’t Erika write them?” you may ask. Like any good engaged couple, we split the task đŸ™‚ Right again. However, there is a very valid and important reason we’ve missed posting gastronomical delights from afar three Fridays in a row.

Island hopping has been rough lately. Okay okay, maybe not exactly rough, but the best nights to go out seem to be, as always – Thursday – Saturday night. Which, coincidentally means nothing is happening Sunday. And unfortunately means we have to squeeze all of our beach time Monday – Wednesday. Evenings are also a black hole, or sandy beach or whatever, so yeah……anyways. Back from the brink and on Saturday/Sunday this time is – Ta-Daa! – Foodie Friday.

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One thought on “Foodie Friday-Tandoori and Fish

  1. You are making it terribly difficult for me to think about being at ideal weight. Wait seems to be ideal for the moment.

    We are vicariously enjoying all of this food. I hope Amando is back to good health after the involuntary purge. We love and miss you both.

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