Foodie Friday from Laos

Near Inle Lake, they eat and sell every single part of the chicken.

Waking up at Inle Lake a month ago, I admired the view as I made my way to Shane and Arielle for breakfast.  With a nod I said, “Good morning,” and we start chatting about the previous evening as a hostess sets a cup of coffee in front of me. In Myanmar sugar doesn’t help mask the luke warm cup of dirt water, nor does the room temperature milk help. I take a sip of coffee and my brain does a double take. What? It’s been so long, I let out an, “Awww my goodness,” and Arielle, anticipating this moment, clearly not having taken her eyes off my face exclaims, “Yes! It’s real coffee right!  I was waiting for you to take your first sip!” We’re both seriously happy. But wait, there’s more!


Two Day Slow Boat Down the Mekong to Luang Prabang

The taxi boat you take from Chang Khong in Thailand to Laos. 40 Baht/person

We were picked up from our hotel and then driven 1 hour outside of the city to meet up with our minibus which was coming in from Pai.  The van was almost full when it arrived which meant we got the leftover seats, including the middle seat next to the driver. But wait, there’s more!

Our Last Taste of Thai: Chiang Mai

Arriving in the Bangkok airport, we all felt like we were coming home.  We had joined up again with Arielle and Shane as they were on our flight, and were all happy to be back in a country we knew.  Our stay in Bangkok only held one true mission, our visa for Vietnam.  So we checked into the Marriott, again, said hello to all the staff that we recognized, filled out our paperwork and got our visas, got laundry done, and managed to have one fantastic meal (see traveler’s tip for the name) before we headed north for Chiang Mai. But wait, there’s more!

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We apologize for our lack of posts recently.  We just returned to Bangkok from an 18 day trip to Myanmar and didn’t know we would not be able to post while we were there.  So without further adieu, we give you our last post from Thailand (6-9-11), with posts on Myanmar to come in later days.

Out on the town in Bangkok.

Jude left. It was good and bad. Bad because we love her and she’s a plethora of fun. Good because E & I need some couple time. We’ve been traveling with people for over a month now, and although we don’t regret a second and have had an incredible time with the company we’ve kept, we sincerely just need some quality time with one another. But wait, there’s more!

The 930 to Koh Tao

Jude and Erika at Wat Pho

A few days is all I really needed in Bangkok before a serious case of Island Withdrawal had us headed to Koh Tao on a 930PM bus. We’ll come back to Bangkok, it’s probably cooler and more enjoyable anyways, when it doesn’t feel like there is a monkey knife fight going on inside your stomach. FYI: you can get salmonella from peanuts. But wait, there’s more!

2 months already?!

View of the mainland on our way to Koh Samui

With a couple days to kill before heading up to Bangkok, we followed our English friends and traveled over to Koh Samui to celebrate Vicki’s birthday!  We decided to stay on Chaweng Beach because it is the most populated part of the island.  The beach itself is beautiful.  Long, wide, perfectly soft white sand with water you could stay in forever because it is neither too cold nor too warm.  Thai massages, a big seafood and steak dinner, setting off fireworks on the beach, and singing songs lying on the sand made for a wonderful birthday night for Vicki, and our last night with our English friends. But wait, there’s more!

Foodie Friday-Tandoori and Fish

Foodie Friday: The name works. The concept seems sound. The theme pretty basic. The effort minimal. And, while on extended holiday in foreign countries, documenting the changes seems rather straightforward – point, shoot, write, publish.

Except, the last thing either of us want to do on Friday night (morning in America), is a post on food either before or after we go out. But, “write them on Thursday,” people who don’t know me may say. Right. “Doesn’t Erika write them?” you may ask. Like any good engaged couple, we split the task 🙂 Right again. However, there is a very valid and important reason we’ve missed posting gastronomical delights from afar three Fridays in a row.

Island hopping has been rough lately. Okay okay, maybe not exactly rough, but the best nights to go out seem to be, as always – Thursday – Saturday night. Which, coincidentally means nothing is happening Sunday. And unfortunately means we have to squeeze all of our beach time Monday – Wednesday. Evenings are also a black hole, or sandy beach or whatever, so yeah……anyways. Back from the brink and on Saturday/Sunday this time is – Ta-Daa! – Foodie Friday.

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Koh Phangan’s Full Moon

Erika Jumping Through Flaming Hoop

Erika jumping through flaming hoop

Because of the previous night, the ferry to bus to ferry ride, the journey from Phi Phi to Koh Phangan was a bleary eyed and exhausting voyage. The island is big and we were staying on the exact opposite side of Haad Rin, the Full Moon party’s location. We lounged, swam, napped, and ate – resting for the night to come. But wait, there’s more!

Welcome to Phi Phi

Maya Beach

A packed payload of ten backpackers, bags included, in the back of a pickup truck, and one ferry ride later, and we had docked in Koh Phi Phi. Sheer limestone cliffs capped in a carpet of trees, surrounded by three different colors of blue water makes for an entrance so dramatic that it makes a red carpet seem like, well, a red piece of carpet.  Welcome to Phi Phi. Immediately accosted by locals hawking hostels and hotels, Vicki, Erika, and I made our way into town inquiring and viewing rooms along the way. But wait, there’s more!