A beginning and an end

“How much longer are you traveling for?”

“What day is today?  Oh wow, we have 1 month left.”

Before these words came out of my mouth it felt like our flight home was forever far away.  But uttering those words, “1 month left” has brought it so much closer.  For the past couple of months I’ve let all the questions I had (too many to count) float around in my head as we travel.  They’ve appeared like a ballet, some taking up more time on stage than others, some flitting around romantically, some somber and filled with jagged movements.  As my sweetheart says, “ask the right questions and live into the answers.”  But now it seems with an ending in sight, my brain is starting to realize that some of those questions will require an answer sooner than I would like.  And so I wonder….does the urge to answer the questions come from knowing the end is in sight, or does the end come because the answers start to appear?

We have a lot to look forward to when we get home – the wedding of a good friend, Amando’s brothers wedding, and our own wedding and all of the festivities surrounding that.  Yet it seems that getting married will be the easiest thing for me to do.  We will both be looking for new jobs and hopefully getting an apartment sooner rather than later so we don’t wear out our welcome with our parents.  Our timing in coming home seems like a natural end, yet I know that its the beginning of something else.

– Erika


Collision: Malay on Motorcycle vs. Mexican on Bycicle

Three Buddahs

Melaka, Malaysia is cultural, colorful and slightly over-manicured, but maybe that’s just from us weary travelers far too used to the grime of Java. It’s a World Heritage City, and like all things once before, moves at a slower pace; but that’s mostly due to the outrageously hot weather.  So when we saw that our hostel, Sayang Sayang Guest House, rented bikes, it seemed like a no brainer. Bikes offer people powered breeze and equal one pedal to every ten steps. We rode for most of the day until we met with people from our hostel to bike to the outdoor food market. We rode in single file in daylight across town, ate at various food stalls, chatted, laughed and had a nice evening.

But wait there’s more!