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We apologize for our lack of posts recently.  We just returned to Bangkok from an 18 day trip to Myanmar and didn’t know we would not be able to post while we were there.  So without further adieu, we give you our last post from Thailand (6-9-11), with posts on Myanmar to come in later days.

Out on the town in Bangkok.

Jude left. It was good and bad. Bad because we love her and she’s a plethora of fun. Good because E & I need some couple time. We’ve been traveling with people for over a month now, and although we don’t regret a second and have had an incredible time with the company we’ve kept, we sincerely just need some quality time with one another. But wait, there’s more!


The 930 to Koh Tao

Jude and Erika at Wat Pho

A few days is all I really needed in Bangkok before a serious case of Island Withdrawal had us headed to Koh Tao on a 930PM bus. We’ll come back to Bangkok, it’s probably cooler and more enjoyable anyways, when it doesn’t feel like there is a monkey knife fight going on inside your stomach. FYI: you can get salmonella from peanuts. But wait, there’s more!

2 months already?!

View of the mainland on our way to Koh Samui

With a couple days to kill before heading up to Bangkok, we followed our English friends and traveled over to Koh Samui to celebrate Vicki’s birthday!  We decided to stay on Chaweng Beach because it is the most populated part of the island.  The beach itself is beautiful.  Long, wide, perfectly soft white sand with water you could stay in forever because it is neither too cold nor too warm.  Thai massages, a big seafood and steak dinner, setting off fireworks on the beach, and singing songs lying on the sand made for a wonderful birthday night for Vicki, and our last night with our English friends. But wait, there’s more!