Pakse, Laos to Siem Reap, Cambodia

We have gone from one lovely country to another.  Although instead of the quiet calm that the Laos people exhibit, Cambodians are incredibly friendly and engaging.  Granted Siem Reap is a bit of Disneyland for adults, but mostly because the infrastructure is so developed and the city well manicured thanks to the tourism dollars. Still it was nice to see Cambodians also visiting and taking pride in their great temples. Maybe we’ll encounter something different in Phenom Penh tomorrow.  For now, we enjoyed a lovely 3 days here, $1 street food, beautiful temples at Angkor (more coming soon!), and country, despite its haunting recent history, recovering well.

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Korp Jai Laos!

We love Laos.  The clouds, the mountains, the rice fields.  The thundering rains.  The jungle and waterfalls.  The tin roofs.  The people!  The food!  Its been a great country.  Lao people are probably the most chill and relaxed of anywhere in Southeast Asia.  Three weeks have gone by way too fast and it hasn’t been nearly long enough.  If you come to this part of the world, carve out some time for this wonderful, welcoming country.

p.s. Saludos a nuestra familia en Dos Caminos!

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Kong Lor….The 7km Long Cave

Our tractor ride with our new friends

After a lovely 5 hour ride in a half empty bus with leg room (yeah!), we were told the bus wasn’t going any further.  All of us jumped out of the bus to see why it had stopped.  As we stood there in the rain we saw that the road twisted up ahead and was flooded as far as we could see.  The town of Thom Kong Lo lay just 45 minutes away and beyond that Kong Lor cave; the whole reason for our visit to this part of Central Laos. A 7.5km-long subterranean tunnel, 30m wide and between 20 and 100m high, located in the National Protected Area Forest Area of Hinboun Mountain (the cave was formed by the Nam Hinboun river), this seemed like the perfect place to get just a bit more off the beaten path. But wait, there’s more!