Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s Worst Kept Secret

Overlooking the tea plantation

We apologize for the delay in posting, but sometimes we don’t know that we don’t have wifi until we get somewhere, which forces us to delay sharing our trip with all of you.  And at other times, there is just too much sun to soak up and too many fishes to see under the water.  But we are back now and we bring you our first stop on Christina’s vacation after a quick two days in KL…

The Cameron Highlands are only about 3 hours north of Kuala Lumpur.  However, as usual, 3 hours turned into 5, the AC never turned off so we froze, and our bus driver hit the toll booth so we had to make a detour to fix the bus.  Thank goodness the rain had stopped by the time we arrived.  We stepped off the bus and less than two seconds later, people are handing us hostel and hotel information. We decide on a place, get there, put our bags in the room, and the manager comes in and says,”oh, you can only have the room tonight, and it’s RM90.”She had only two minutes before said three nights at RM80. But wait, there’s more!


Foodie Friday: From Bad to Great


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We checked into a $32 a night ‘hotel’ in Bandung a week ago, and the negotiating point where we booked was a free breakfast. The next day we woke to four pieces of untoasted bread spread with butter and chocolate … Continue reading