Pictures from Vientiene, Laos


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Just a few snapshots from our days in Vientiene. *Travel Tip: We stayed at Mali Namphu guesthouse near Nam Phou fountain.  Rooms were 200,000 kip/night (includes breakfast).  JOMA is just right around the corner and our chosen breakfast spot.  Travel … Continue reading

I’m from my Mother

“Mingalaba!”  (hello in Myanmar)
“Where you come from?”
“Oh yes.  Where you going?”
“I don’t know-just riding my bicycle.  Where are you from?”
“I’m from my mother.”

Everywhere you look there is a picture.  Really, everywhere.  I want a camera in my eyes so that each time I blink I can snap a photo. You wish you could capture what you see but can’t – what you see also has feeling, inspiration, and yearning. You don’t keep snapping away, because even if you had all the gear, the lens you wish you had, the tripod, it wouldn’t be anywhere near the same. But wait, there’s more!