Collision: Malay on Motorcycle vs. Mexican on Bycicle

Three Buddahs

Melaka, Malaysia is cultural, colorful and slightly over-manicured, but maybe that’s just from us weary travelers far too used to the grime of Java. It’s a World Heritage City, and like all things once before, moves at a slower pace; but that’s mostly due to the outrageously hot weather.  So when we saw that our hostel, Sayang Sayang Guest House, rented bikes, it seemed like a no brainer. Bikes offer people powered breeze and equal one pedal to every ten steps. We rode for most of the day until we met with people from our hostel to bike to the outdoor food market. We rode in single file in daylight across town, ate at various food stalls, chatted, laughed and had a nice evening.

But wait there’s more!


To Save Money, We Stayed at the Ritz

Decisions Decisions

We’ve been spending about $15 – $32 a day on our “hotel” rooms in Indonesia. These have varied from small, yet clean with a decent bed (maybe even a TV), to dark, dingy, and smelly with piece of foam on plywood for a bed. There have been rooms that smelled like septic tanks, and places we thought were well situated until the three Mosques on the same block had their 4:15 AM call to prayer. They all had  their fair share of mosquitoes, never before seen bugs, and lots of little lizards. But wait, there’s more!